Primo Features


500ml : 6.8 X 26.5 cm,

750 ml: 8 X 31 cm

1000ml: 9 X 32cm

Straw lid: primo 500ml comes with a straw lid as well as a screw top lid. The straw lid is particularly useful when you’re in the gym, or commuting as you can just carry on drinking without stopping to unscrew your bottle first. What’s event better the straw lid can be hanged on to your bag so great for when you’re hiking or travelling and have limited space in your bag.

100% LEAK PROOF AND SWEAT FREE AIRTIGHT LID: Mimes water bottles are the perfect companion for the most rigorous adventures. Thanks to the precise engineering of the double wall insulation technology, the bottle is guaranteed not to leak whether you’re commuting to work or heading to the gym or even climbing the Everest! We have tested it under the most rigorous conditions!

CONVENIENT AND EASY TO CARRY AROUND: Mimes bottles are designed to be used every day and everywhere. The standard design makes it easy to fit in your hand bag or backpack. The bottles are easy to clean with a hot soapy water and a cleaning brush ensuring that your drink is always fresh.

DOUBLE WALL VACUUM INSULATED: The bottle is guaranteed to keep your drink hot for 12hrs and cold for 24hrs regardless of outside temperatures thanks to the modern day double wall insulation technology.

BPA FREE AND FRESH TASTING: Mimes bottles are made from premium food grade recycled stainless steel that is free from BPA, phthalates , lead and other toxins that is commonly found in other water bottles. This helps keep your drink tasting fresh at all times and the material resistant to rust.

CARBON NEUTRAL AND ECO-FRIENDLY: With our revolutionary lightweight yet durable and spill free design, Mimes water bottles make a great gift for anyone wanting to live sustainably. All Mimes bottles are certified carbon neutral and through our carbon neutral program we plant trees, pick plastic from the ocean and support four UN sustainability initiatives each month.

Perfect for the gym, office, running, cycling, yoga and pretty much all daily activities.