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Elegant, sleek and stylish: Sportie is the real statement bottle. It is elegant in it’s simplicity and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. They luxury rubber coating makes it soft to touch. It is slim enough to fit in your handbag or back.

Strap to make it easy to carry: Sportie has a strap handle which makes it easy to carry. You can clip it on the outside of your bag with a carabiner if you do not have enough space inside.


We get asked a lot if Mimes bottles are dishwasher safe. The simple answer is; yes you can put your bottle in a dishwasher, however, we do not recommend it as this may reduce the insulation property of the bottle. We recommend you wash your chugsie bottle with hot soapy water and a cleaning brush. You can can purchase Mimes plant based cleaning brush if you have not got one already.


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